Thursday, September 29, 2011

A trip to be remebered- escape to Sabah, kota kinabalu

Still fresh in my mind...
in the february of 2011, i guess..
i received a call in the midnight from miss low, 
miss low asking,: wei, u want to go to sabah by this semester break with us?
me: yes, sure!(answered w/o thinking too much, n in a sleepy mode, blurry of course...)

woke up in the next morning...then i only confirmed that it was true, wasn't a dream~
and realized that my travel gang for this time, are all different people, friends that i knew, but not so close...
here goes my travel gang!
with ms linda low(most close with! a helpful friend!), 
wei chen(tough girl, my first impression of her, funny of course), 
kah chun(a nerd actually when i first met u, this is the first impression...hehe, im evil, hiak hiak, but u r kind of crazy...' sot plug' ), 
chee kau(junior, blakie...haha, kinda crazy pun), 
chun xian( this is definitely a crazy one, is the joker for the whole trip!)

booked a flight from k.l to sabah, kota kinabalu(k.k), by fireflyz company,
the trip started with wei chen, chun xian, kah chun n me, coz' the flight tat linda n chee kau booked was to depart from johor bahru(and their flight has been delayed...hiak hiak, xp)...
we took the first flight to k.k first and reached k.k in the morning bout 10am...and met chee kau and linda at 6pm..
so we had check in the lodge that we booked first, Lavender Lodge..
this is a nice place to stay in sabah, if u did not demand a luxury trip...
the staffs, sis Nora and owner, Jenny were so helpful and friendly...

the lodge's lobby
after settling all the check in procedures, 
the next things after we had check in the lodge, we went for food hunting! we were all starving!
simply walk in the town area, with a map...we found kopitiam...and had our breakfast there!
we ordered Kit Chai(咸金吉, what we called in madarin ), and the local food here- mee tuaran(kinda special)
mee tuaran, it may look unattractive, but it taste nice actually, just a little bit dry...maybe this is what the local wants...worth a try..rm5.50/ plate...

sabahan called this Kit Chai..>.<

walk around the town, w.o tour guide, just with a Map!!!

sabah's laksa( we called this curry in north peninsula malaysia > <...)

sort of a kon lou mee in peninsula malaysia

butter sauce chicken rice

this is the place whre people told me i looked a Hong Kong people..hiak hiak...

lot of jumpy action, place where wei chen sprained her ankle...hiak hiak

in the handicraft all u can!

lot of pearls...they said is original...==

the filipino market, lot of philipines, all look like a muslim...i dont know whether they are malaysian or is confusing! Selling dried seafoods...shark fin, sea cucumber, scallops, salted fish n etc...

crazy guy in action

just right in front of the suria sabah, near to the  jesselton jetty

all the seafoods here all available in the restaurant called 大茄来, Dai Ka Loy...

mantis a bottle..

马蹄蚌, a kind of clam- juicy, sweet...and big in size...rm24/kg

omg, tiger prawn, rm 28/ piece...thought the size is so big, but it becomes small  after cook...ish, i will never  order this again...i feel so cheated!!!

crab- rm18/kg...this is really cheap, big n juicy...taste nice!

the tiger prawn after we ate...=(

we went another restaurant to have dessert later, the coconut jelly...nice...rm 10 each, can share with ur friend, it  was so big...

the local vege...i forgot the name of it..but if u went there, they will recomend u to try this...worth a try...rm 30/ plate...hmm...expensive, but never try never know...the taste is so subjective...> <
*ordered in大茄来, Dai Ka Loy restaurant...

coconut jelly i mentioned The Pearl restarant(珍珠), located in kampong air,
*smooth texture, fresh coconut smell, sweetness of coconut juice mixed with is just nice!!!
Day 1 in sabah- kota kinabalu...the whole day schedule...endless walk and exploring!!!!
to be continued...

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