Saturday, December 15, 2012

4th Semester, I am a final year student!!!

Toughest semester ever!

Get started with Final Year Project...

      Extraction of mucilage, chemical & physical analysis (May 2012- July 2012, Aug 2012- Nov 2012 )                                                     

                 Then in Oct 2012, i fly to Bandung & Jakarta for 1 week (sponsored by Uni Malaysia Terengganu, Food Science Department) 
(Hey, free study trips eiii... Thanks to all the lecturers who selecting me and also the faculty, thank you so much...)

        So to present my Final Year Project- Extraction & Characterization of Mucilage from Pereskia bleo
*I am looking good right?

                                            Attending the International Conference 2012

Pay a visit to Fi Asia Expo too...

 Took some group photo at Jakarta (we bought the Starbuck's Bandung Tshirt xp)


With all the stars of tmr a.k.a the future Food Scientist or Nutritionist and my lecturer, Dr. Faridah

My supervisor and I 
(thumbs up!! but, sorry dr., for correcting my writing and the problems that i brought to you...)

  Visit to UNPAD, Bandung

Then fly back to Malaysia....

Attending the Dean's list Award in November 2012

Photography with my supervisor and also with coursemates 

Then attending Annual Dinner at Pulau Duyung, Trg. in November 2012

And to EAT A LOT...

Then French Drama Competition in December 2012

French drama entitled My Lover is Robot, my team won the 2nd place :)

Group photo 1

Group photo 2

Then Product Development- Launching Event in December 2012
(This is the mushroom pasta lorrr...)

My team mates and I

We created this product... SECibo- Instant Mushroom Pasta with Ready to Eat Mushroom Sauce

Well this is the major event for my final semester in Uni Malaysia Terengganu...There are a lot of details that i did not list down here...

This final semester is the toughest one!
Non stop dealing with different people, 
Telling people what to do, discussion, communication,
Learning another foreign language- French (not an easy one...for me)
Thesis writing, Methodology modification, Problem shooting,
Journal Publication (Like doing a double work, need writing, reviewing, resubmision, and repair- The 2nd thesis...T.T....)
Still, i have to attend classes, entering lab, prototype development, sensory evaluation, shelf life study, testsss, drama rehearsal, etc...

There are a lot of commitment here, i learnt a lot from different people, the way to deal with them, the way to    work with them, to work under stress, and multi- tasking!!! But i am enjoying all of this!!!

Then i always heard this conversation from some people and i learn from them (as below):

People A: Wah... it seems not that tough also mahhh... 
People B: Why everyone is complaining har?
People C: Ishhhh... U r not in my shoes, u don't know what i have been gone thru'...

So, what do you think of my final sem? ><'''

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